Fine Art Landscape Photography


Revealing the light

Recent Work

  • Poseidon Unbound

    Point of the Arches, Washington State

  • Reflection Pools

    The tide retracted to minus 9 and revealed these pools in the sand that were covered by 6 ft waves the next day

  • Lines

    Antelope Canyon in Black and White

  • Wings

    Sunset on Oahu

  • Lone tree in the cathedral

    Tuscany. I was dropped off in a bowl valley that was surrounded by rolling green hills and cyprus trees dotting the landscape. The clouds moved over in ever changing patterns and the shadows changed the light every other minute.

  • Dinner for two

    A restaurant in Tuscany

  • Vigor

    Waves crashing on rocks on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii during a tropical storm

All images © copyright by Frits Habermann Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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